Why We Love Fall Wedding Planning

A wedding during fall, doesn’t that sound like the most romantic and beautiful wedding scenario? We think so! Fall is one of the most popular months to get married. There is also the option of adding the foliage and the changing leaves as a backdrop to your wedding photos. Here are some of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding during the fall.


Send out some fall stationary. Your wedding invitations will have that amazing fall look if you use colors like red, orange, yellow, or even light brown. You can give your guests a preview of your wedding theme by planning all your paper goods around that autumnal theme; you can even incorporate fall illustrations that will give your wedding invitations that cozy autumn feeling.

Long Sleeved Dresses

An important thing to consider is the style of your dress according to the weather at this time of the year. When you have this not-too-hot-but-not-too-cold weather, long sleeves are one of your best options! Besides being practical, they are totally elegant as well; this gives a refined bridal look, and it protects your arms from getting goosebumps.

Tents, Lights and Outdoor Decor

October is a month with calm weather, which is why an outdoor wedding is an incredible option. People are making wedding tents quite trendy lately with wedding backdrops, and who can blame them? These options bring a romantic and warm feeling to your wedding. “Tented weddings are the new ballroom.”

You can change your whole atmosphere by adding the right lighting; learn how to set up a wedding monogram light and you can make a costume by choosing the names, style, etc.

Outdoor weddings will only get trendier as they are safer for the guests and the bride and groom due to the current pandemic.

Color Palettes

If you search up “Fall weddings,” you will no doubt run into deep reds, oranges, and browns. This color palette mimics the changing leaves. But don’t let the fall foliage feel boxed in! If you want to get modern with your color palettes, you should try using gold or copper for a glam feel, deep plum or emerald green will give you an elegant look you are looking for, or, for a more neutral look, shades like champagne, cream or gray are good options.

Fall Wedding Food

Season foods can include veggies like turnips and rutabagas, along with pumpkins, all sorts of squash, and sweet potatoes. During this time of the year fruits like apples, cranberries, pears, and pomegranates are also quite abundant.

For a confection inspired in autumn, you can again use colors like the ones we have mentioned before: deep reds, oranges, browns. Autumn-inspired flavors like chocolate and caramel will also be a winner amongst your guests.

Best Seasonal Wedding Flowers

This season has really pretty flower options, including Garden roses, dahlias, cymbidium orchids, pampas grass, calla lilies, chrysanthemums, Asiatic lily, celosia, orange gerbera, purple alstroemeria, leucadendron, magnolia, liatris, camellia and sunflowers.

Wedding Cake & Confections

A huge wedding cake for 100 people, doesn’t that sound a little old school? Spice up your cake by making it single-tier and giving out mini cakes? Now that sounds more exciting!

Comfort cuisine is the biggest trend for fall wedding food. Sweet and savory. You can even go completely thanksgiving by giving out turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy! Doesn’t a creamy soup in a hollow mini pumpkin sound delicious and cute?

Fresh Air Activities

Fresh air activities are really in trend lately, have your cocktail hour or reception outside if your wedding venue has an amazing view; these are all activities your guests and your groom will enjoy very much. And don’t forget about the incredible wedding pictures you will get.

Having a fire pit outside when the evening turns late and cold sounds like a great activity to do (s’mores are optional but will charm everyone because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like s’mores?)


If you are having your ceremony outdoors, mismatched seating is one of the most creative and fun-looking options; you can have couches, chairs, cushions, and even bean bags for the little kids!

To make sure your guests are comfortable and cozy, you can even add blankets to the back of the sittings if the weather gets chilly.

Make your sittings colorful by matching them to your wedding palette.


One of the most important memories of your wedding is the guest book, but why make it an actual book? Have people take pictures with a polaroid and sign them; it’s a creative way of keeping these memories, and even afterward, you can make a scrapbook out of these pictures.

Welcome Gifts

Your welcome gifts must make a great first impression; it’s the first glance of your wedding ceremony your guests will get; for an autumn feeling wedding gift, you can include mini ciders, mini pumpkins, and care products such as hand sanitizer, hand cream, small soaps, and maybe even small jewelry.

Make the Bar Outstanding

A bar is one of the things people most like about a wedding; make this cute by making it autumn-styled and matching it to the wedding décor.

Natural Elements

As we have implied before, décor is key, and what better way to bring out the autumn theme by adding natural elements to your wedding décor (cotton, wood, and grasses). This will give your wedding décor a whole other vibe.

Memorable Menus

At this point, you’ve probably noticed everything must be memorable; you will only get this special day once; make your menus pop out by adding your names and initials; autumn illustrations will also make the menu experience more exciting.

Mini Pies

Picture this: a small box with a mini pumpkin pie inside, a mini fork, and a card with your guest’s names; that sounds super cute, doesn’t it? Pumpkin pies are the highlight of this season; why not take advantage of them by making them a special present to your guests.

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