TimesNext announces its new coworking space in Chandigarh, BiggBang, aims to help startups in India

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TimesNext announces its new coworking space in Chandigarh, BiggBang, aims to help startups in India

Takeaway: TimesNext is the leading startup platform in India. The platform has helped many established as well as young startups to reach out to the masses. 

TimesNext publishes the latest startup news and startup trends along with news related to business and tech so that the readers can get an overall perspective and idea of the market. 

The TimesNext team produces in-depth and carefully written articles on topics that help Indian business entrepreneurs with the Startup India Scheme – how to apply, eligibility, benefits, etc. That helps increase public awareness of startups in India.

With all these features, the platform has also announced its new coworking space in Chandigarh – BiggBang.

But before learning more about BiggBang, let us know the importance of coworking space for a startup.

Why are coworking spaces important for your startup?

A coworking space is where different independent professionals come together under one common roof to share common areas in a typical office space. These buildings have changed the way we work better and prefer especially for beginners and freelancers who do not have the money to rent their building as an office space.

The fact that you have integrated systems in your workplace and serves as a cost-cutting measure. You do not have to worry about getting the cost of office buildings as they are already provided. These office buildings may include; Printers, WiFi, and even access to clean water. 

Having a working space when you start also reduces costs as you have a single acceptance rather than a variety of receivers for your business arms. In your workplace, everyone works under the same roof, so you will need fewer employees to save costs.

Humans are interdependent, which means that we, as human beings love to communicate with each other and share information. This will lead to more motivation when doing the job as there is a friendly environment. Over time, this increases the productivity of your employees, so your business grows significantly.

Most co-operatives are well equipped with A-office facilities, including; telecommunications services, conference rooms, adequate parking spaces, printing, and scanning. These different types of institutions can be used to increase the productivity of your startup. When you work in the workplace, you do not have to worry about the management of these facilities, and this also serves as a benefit as you can only focus on your work and earn more.

Working in the workplace is fun as you meet new people you can work with. This is better than working from home where you do not talk to anyone all day not to express your feelings, which led to depression. In this community-based work environment, you build relationships with people who encourage you to work harder. This relationship also inspires you as you go to work, knowing that you will meet your friend there and have a great time. Good working conditions are key to any production in the business.

BiggBang coworking spaces in Chandigarh- by TimesNext

Recently, seeing the importance and need for good coworking spaces in India, TimesNext has launched BiggBang. 

There are plenty of coworking spaces in India, but they don’t put much importance on startups as they are often neglected.

But BiggBang has not only provides coworking spaces, but it also provides virtual offices and startup incubators. 

Let us see what all BiggBang offers to the startups working with them:

1. Hot Desks

BiggBang has all exclusive hot desks because some people don’t like to change their workplace so often. 

You can book a seat for months, weeks, or even years at BiggBang’s special hot-desks.

Just take your work and find the spot for yourself. That’s it! The spot is yours for as long as you want.

Hot desking helps you with your work and is the reason behind increased communication between people in a workspace and shares interests and skillsets. So, choose hot desking now and feel the difference.

2. Private office spaces

Four walls and a closed office to choose your dream workplace? Then that is our job to make it happen through BiggBang’s private offices.

You get the best private offices and all the benefits of working in the area where you work.

These private offices have the best facilities, such as comfortable chairs, comfortable lighting, high-speed internet, a projector, and a whiteboard.

You also get an always available kitchen and a free coffee and tea machine. Your office, your designs! You can customize your private offices according to your design and preferences. We will not stop you.

3. Event spaces

Event space is very much important for hosting urgent meetings and conferences. Suppose one wishes to hold a press conference or motivational discussion. Don’t worry, BiggBang got you covered!

BiggBang has a fully equipped meeting space too. Now all you have to do is invite people. Rest All is on our shoulders.

Event venues have an audio and video system, a convenient seating system to capture the desired number of people, and free drinks to keep you full. Event spaces can be booked even a month before the event to be fully prepared.

BiggBang also provides high-speed internet, ample parking space, startup incubators, and many more exciting facilities.

Final Thoughts

So, in these uncertain times when nobody knows how the market will behave and all, TimesNext has helped share the stories of startups to the masses and provided startups with the best coworking space in BiggBang Chandigarh. 

What are you waiting for? Join BiggBang now!

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