Talking To A Health Professional Made Easy

August 11, 2020: COVID19 has by far ruined every person’s mental health. Whether it is due to a job, due to their health or education, everyone is struggling in their own unique way. But, not everyone can discuss it or let it out which can prove to be dangerous. In the COVID19 pandemic, everyone has suffered. People lost their loved ones, they lost their jobs and also their careers which caused a lot of frustration amongst them. Not only this, but the COVID19 lockdown has also boosted up the cases of domestic violence. Relationships have been affected and healths have been compromised.

Mental health issues can get serious if they are not attended at the right time. Talking about mental health has been and is still a taboo in many societies. Moreover, even creating awareness about mental health can be life-threatening in some societies. The question is, for how long will we wait for it to be a commonly discussed topic in societies? Or, is there even a safe solution for it? the answer was unknown as not a lot of people were ready to talk about it.

COVID19 lockdown, giving a boost to these issues made it even more important for someone to help people out stuck in this situation. The only best solution to attend these was telemedicine. In the developed countries, telemedicine has already flourished so much that people rarely shift back to an in-person consultation. Either they prefer going to doctors in the case of emergencies only. Telemedicine in the developing countries was a big thing and is still making its grounds. The biggest challenge that the healthcare companies face while introducing telemedicine was to prove to people that this is actually very helpful and will save them a lot of time and money.

While this was all in discussion and people were settling with the fact whether this will work our in a country like Pakistan or not, there was a healthcare company that launched their telemedicine services and immediately started working on spreading its awareness amongst the common people of Pakistan. Despite facing several challenges as being the first telemedicine set up in Pakistan, they continued to serve people with the best possible services. According to many people, they have been helped and served in the direst circumstances. Specifically, those who were suffering from mental health issues and were seeking help from Psychiatrists.

Having telemedicine service available for you means you save your time, your energy, and also your money by consulting the doctor through your mobile-only. In the COVID19 lockdown, as we came to know about so many cases of depression and anxiety, people hesitated to visit the doctors in person. First because of the fear of infection and secondly, the fear of their families as talking about mental health is not very much appreciated.

The people who were unable to leave their houses were dependant on someone or wanted to talk to a professional without anyone knowing were the ones who used telemedicine and were helped in no time. It is also considered the safest platform to talk to a doctor without compromising your privacy. Marhampk is a platform that is the first-ever platform in Pakistan to introduce telemedicine services and has helped thousands of people to date. Be it rural areas or villages, Marham’s online consultation service has tried their best to help the people who were in need and couldn’t reach the right doctor.

Similarly, they have been offering online consultation services with the best psychiatrists in Pakistan to promote and aware people about mental health issues. Moreover, they have helped various amongst those who were suffering from severe cases of mental illnesses in the time of COVID19 lockdown.

Not only patients but the telemedicine services also helped those doctors who had to shut down their practices due to the pandemic emergency. They were successfully connected to their patients and through telemedicine, it not only helped patients but also, the doctors who suffered and lost their patients due to strict lockdowns.

Talking to a health professional was never too easy. Marhampk continues to make lives easier for a developing country like Pakistan.

Do you prefer telemedicine over in-person consultations too?

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