Sean Preston Federline: Back In The Spotlight

Sean Preston Federline is one of the most popular and successful young American actors. He was born in California on September 12, 2003. Sean has always loved the arts, and started his career at a very young age. When he was just six years old, he starred in his first commercial. Sean’s parents are both very supportive of their son’s career choice and have been by his side every step of the way.

Sean Preston Federline’s father is Jon Federline, a professional wrestler and an actor. His mother is Lisa Federline, an actress. Sean Preston Federline has two younger sisters, Taylor and Madison. Sean Preston Federline attended elementary school at The Santa Barbara School in California.Let’s dig in!


Sean Preston Federline, born on September 12, 2006, is the son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Sean is the second child for Spears and Federline, who are also parents to son Jayden James Federline. Shortly after Sean’s birth, a representative for Spears released a statement confirming that she and Federline had named their son Sean Preston.


It’s no secret that being a parent is hard work. But when you add celebrity to the mix, things can get even more complicated. Just ask Sean Preston Federline. Yes, that Sean Preston Federline. The one and only son of Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. Unlike many celebrity kids, Sean has managed to stay out of the public eye – for the most part. Sean was born in Las Vegas on April 1, 2003. In an interview with Us Weekly, Sean’s mother Britney said that she named her son after one of her favorite producers and songwriters, Sean Preston.


It is hard to believe that Sean Preston Federline is already 5 years old. His older sister, Jayden James Federline, will be 8 in December. The two siblings have different mothers, but they share the same father, Kevin Federline. Both children were born during Kevin’s high-profile marriage to pop star Britney Spears. In 2005, Jayden was diagnosed with leukemia. The disease is a form of blood cancer that attacks the bone marrow, and it is difficult to cure. In October 2008, Jayden had a bone marrow transplant from her sister’s brother-in-law, Sean Preston Federline.

Early Life

Sean Preston Federline was born on September 14, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of singer Britney Spears and her former husband, Kevin Federline. Sean Preston is the couple’s first child together. His parents divorced in 2007. Career

In 2005, Sean Preston was diagnosed with leukemia. He was able to undergo a bone marrow transplant from his sister’s brother-in-law, Jayden James Federline. The child is now cancer free.


In conclusion, Sean Preston Federline is a celebrity child that many people either love or hate. Some feel he has an unfair advantage in life because of his parents’ fame, while others feel he is just like any other child. No matter what side of the fence you stand on, one thing is for sure: Sean Preston Federline will always be in the public eye.

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