PNB Family HRMS Login and about PNB Staff

PNB was open to the business on April 12, 1895. Then the archetypal board of managers comprised seven associates. Punjab Political unit Bank has innovated the PNB Family HRMS entrance-way to its official site. It is enforced in the year 2006 to carry through the requirement for the paysheet process and centralized pay demands of the worker and the bank.
What Is the PNB Family Gate?

PNB Family Gate is an entrance service improved by Punjab National Bank for its workers. This thought of the Human Assets Administration System was enforced for employee’s simple approach to payroll process and payment details. Through the PNB Family HRMS login, the employees are not alone taken to the paysheet process; but besides to supply many different services. The other work excludes:
Public presentation Assessment.

  • HR Direction Info System.
  • Training Direction.
  • Workers Selection and Promotion Process.
  • Workers Person Service.
  • Absence Management.

Who can log in to the PNB Family website?

PNB Family suppliers service util for its workers who are employed in the bank, activity and inactive in the bank. Workers and regular payment of the Punjab National Bank can log in to the PNB Family HRMS.

What Details are available on the PNB Family Website?
All details are the current strategy introduced in PNB.

Information For PNB Staff
The information needed for the PNB staff associate like notices, respect transfers and posting of the workers. Promotions inside information of the workers. Medical insurance strategy and archetypal and past date to assert them.

Details For Retired Employees of PNB
Each round and strategy demand for inactive workers. Medical insurance strategy for the inactive workers and the past date to the assertion. The listing of Housing Easiness and the medical insurance covered supported them. The assertion form is besides supply to claim insurance.
Detail respecting Life certification entry of staff pensionary or family pensionary.

Welfare Strategy

  • Staff welfare monetary fund and the strategy ariled under the money for actual and inactive workers.
  • Listing of the infirmary for medical treatment as every Raksha TAP.
  • Information about the fiscal assist supply for the family associate on account of death during the service period.
  • Employment of several hospitals for the health checks up.
  • Tie up with several Labs for Medical science and radiology works.
  • How to Login To HRMS PNB Family Portal
  • To login to PNB Family, Human Resources Directions System one necessarily to be the workers of the PNB either in the existing or in the past.
  • The stairs to log in to PNB Family HRMS portal:
  • Make a PF account if not having it.
  • Unfastened the authoritative website of PNB, HTTPS://www.pnbnet.net.in

You can go to the Login page in 3 paths.

  • Click on the HRMS tab display in the apical menu of the homepage.
  • Click on the ‘Click here to login into HRMS’.
  • Click on the picture viewing ‘Welcome to Human Resource Management System’.
  • Now you are oriented to the login page of PNB Family HRMS. There are 2 fields User Id and Password.
  • Enter PF number in the spot of User Id and Date of birth in (DDMMYYYY) formatting in the spot of password and click on a mark in.
  • If you are logged falsely, you can approach all the services supplied to you.
  • If you have forgotten the password. Click on forget password and you will be oriented to Forget my password page
  • where you are asked to come in User Id and through the E-mail or SMS, you can alteration the password.
  • If the login is not successful, interact with your bank branch for assistance.

Updated Tips Respect HRMS PNB Family Login

Logging into the HRMS PNB Family portal is a precise simple process. The just thing demand is to have a Provident Funds account. PF figure is in use as user Id and date of birth as the password. Before logging in your necessity to registry email and phone number with the bank branch.

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