Are you aware of a Nuru massage? Are you tired of spending your weekend in a spa for a relaxing massage? Do not worry. Nuru massage got your back.

Nuru massage can be done anywhere, either it’s a bed or a table. You do not need any professional, even your partner, to help you at your place. To know more about Nuru massage, read this article till the end.


A Nuru massage that originated in Japan is an erotic massage. It is different from regular massage as a massager uses their body to massage the client. This massage is based on bodily contact.

‘Nuru’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘smooth’ or ‘slippery.’ To perform this massage, you need Nuru gel which covers the body of both the client and masseuse.

The gel is prepared with natural Nori Seaweed and is colorless with no specific odor. Nuru massage was in Japan at first, but now it is enjoyed worldwide.


Nuru massage is a very relaxing procedure. In this massage, both the masseuse and the men should be nude. You do not need any oil, just a single gel to apply all over your body. There are different types that you can choose from for Nuru massage.

  • Deep rest. Deep rest.
  • Extreme arousal.
  • The delight of delicate touches.
  • A complex sexual game with pleasant feelings.
  • The skin is soft and sunny.
  • Great mood. – Great mood.
  • Sexual energy release

To make the procedure comfortable, the masseuse touches the broad parts in a way that gives you great pleasure and orgasm in the end.


the ambiance is what matters a lot in Nuru massage. If the ambiance is not good, Nuru massage would not be as pleasant as it should be. Do not apply much pressure.

This massage is another name of sensitivity. The purpose is to relax one’s mind and body. So, pressure is not something Nuru massage requires.

This massage not only energizes you but also refreshes your mind and skin. it relaxes your muscles differently.


clients and masseuses are trying to get the beautiful and closest physical touch. you should try out this massage, and you will never regret it. This massage only includes a lubricant that does not smell and color.

Both the participants apply this gel to their bodies, and the fun starts at this point. The masseuse begins giving the clients’ bodies a slight touch using their hands and bodies. The pleasant feeling it provides is unexplainable.


Nuru massage was found in Japan but is now loved by people worldwide. Trying this massage will never be a bad idea as it is an erotic massage. It will also bring joy to your relationship in a different way.

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