Nike Air Zoom Pulse – Shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals

Good news?

It’s coming! Continuing its footwear development Nike has now crafted a sneaker especially designed for the medical professionals. These shoes are basically designed for the everyday heroes like Doctors, nurses and many other home health providers and caretakers and the other workers who work tirelessly during the whole day in the service of the patients. must read Keto Rush

Key design elements of the Air Zoom Pulse

  1. The Air zoom pulse features a laceless upper marked by a protective PU-coating, synthetic vamp wile.
  2. An elastic strap keeps the heel secured and open for the flexible movement and open-ended entry. 
  3. Elevating the shoes is a Zoom Air heel unit-Assisted flexible drop-in midsole paired with the rubber outsole with a water repellent traction pattern. 
  4. The subtle Asterix logo references Nike’s company mission and the belief that “
    if you have a body, you are an athlete”.

But wait, let me tell you something, the new range dubbed ‘Air zoom pulse’ is aimed towards the medical workers facing the variety of the challenges during a large and tiring day. These shoes are made with the help of the OHSU Doernbecher Children Hospital, the shoe features an easy slip on and off design that’s just for the life and the death situations. For example, Nurses walk almost 5 miles a day and sit for very less time of course after a shift of 12 hours almost. Nike is introducing the Air zoom pulse a shoe for nurses that takes a unique approach by not being ugly. You can find out the current range of the comfortable medical professional’s footwear with the brands Toffeln, Abeba and wock.


The new designs confront a range of medical workers specific challenges. These shoes are comfortable for long-standing time or in a hurried situation like emergency wards in hospitals. One can think that the air zoom pulse as most traditional clogs made athletic and posture support of that industry favourite is augmented in the pulse as it has the smooth capacity for the in a hurried motion place. The shoe is also fabricated for the unforeseen peculiarities of the hospital life. The coated toe box protects any type of spill. The smooth surface presents a unique outlook when designing for spills as well and the shoe traction pattern solves for this by removing the closed cells.


Just think about it:

It requires sometimes the same hustle, grit and the tenacity that many athletes are portrayed as having every single day in the media. But it’s more than just sweat and tears. Nurses are also saving the lives and helping and serving humanity in and versatile way of service. There are so many nurses in the hospital who are facing the foot pain, back pain and generalized pain as the result of the intensity of the hardworking careers. Because nurses are on the floor almost the whole day.

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoes: occupational hazard prevention for nurses?

At first glance: the shoe appears to be hybrid of a cross trainer and clog-making it easy to slip on and off but sturdy like a tennis shoe. These shoes are laceless so mostly nurses appreciate this thing. As working in hospitals meaning coming in contact with nasty germs and fluids and laces are impossible to clean.

Best of all the in my own experience, the no.1 feature of the shoes is that caught my attention was how Nike promoting them to especially slip-resistant on the hard surfaces. Such as hospital floors so it protects the nurses from the injuries.

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