NASA’s Top Space Projects for the Next Decade Revealed!

NASA is working on a variety of new projects that they hope will be completed in the next ten years. These projects include: building a manned space station, sending a spacecraft to Pluto, exploring an asteroid, and more. NASA is trying to make sure that these projects are possible and affordable so that they can be completed in the timeframe specified.

Let’s move ahead without further ado and explore more!

1. Moon mission

NASA’s moon missions are among the most ambitious undertakings in human history. In December of 1969, an American Apollo 11 mission became the first time humans had ever set foot on another world. Since then, NASA has sent six more expeditions to the moon, with plans to send even more in the future. Some of these missions have been successful in retrieving Moon rocks and other lunar material for examination back on Earth.

2. Crewed mission to Mars

A manned mission to Mars is one of the many goals of NASA. The agency has been working on various projects in an effort to make this a reality. One of these projects is the Crewed Mission to Mars (CMP). This project will involve sending a crew of people to the red planet and returning them safely back home. The CMP is scheduled to launch in 2024, but there are still many challenges that need to be overcome before this can happen.

3. Asteroid Redirect Mission

NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission is a project that aims to redirect an asteroid away from Earth, using a robotic spacecraft. If successful, this would be the first time an asteroid has been redirected in space, and could potentially help us avoid future collisions with asteroids.

4. James Webb Space Telescope

NASA is working hard to develop the James Webb Space Telescope. This telescope is designed to study the universe in greater detail than ever before. The telescope will be able to see farther and deeper into space than any other telescope has been able to. It will also be able to see more faint objects than any other telescope.

5. Juno mission to Jupiter

In 2011 NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter, its destination since being sent into space almost four decades earlier. The probe s primary mission was to study the gas giant and its four large moons, but it has also gathered valuable data about the planet s atmosphere and magnetic field. Juno is now in a relatively stable orbit around Jupiter and will continue to collect data until its mission ends in July of 2020.

6. New Horizons mission to Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons mission is set to explore Pluto, the dwarf planet that has captivated the public’s attention since its discovery in 1930. The $750 million spacecraft was launched in 2006 and has been traveling through space ever since. On July 14, 2015, it will reach Pluto, becoming the first human-made object to approach the dwarf planet since its demotion to a planetary status in 2006.

7. Earth Science missions

NASA is currently undertaking a number of earth science missions in order to better understand our planet. These missions include the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn, the Mars Curiosity rover, the Juno mission to Jupiter, and many more. By understanding our planet’s environment and its history, NASA hopes to make important contributions to improving our understanding of climate change, water resources, and more.


In conclusion, NASA has many space projects planned for the next decade. Some of these projects include sending people to Mars, exploring the asteroid belt, and building a space station near the moon. These projects will allow us to learn more about our universe and further advance our technology. I am excited to see what NASA will accomplish in the next decade and encourage everyone to follow their progress.


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