Do you know who the Kuchisake Onna is? Kuchisake Onna is the Slit-Mouthed Woman figure that appears in Japanese urban legends. The Kuchisake Onna wears a white kimono and blood-red nai

She grabs her victim’s head, then slices off the skin of the upper lip with her claw-like fingernails in one swift stroke. Let’s take a closer look at the history, variations, and appearance of Kuchisake Onna through this article.


There are different stories. In some parts, Kuchisake Onna is the unfaithful wife of Samurai. Her husband cut off her mouth’s corner from ear to ear. Other versions say that a dentist did it during a dental procedure because she was jealous of her beauty.

When she attacks, she approaches from behind and grabs her victim’s head. She then slices off the skin of the upper lip with her claw-like fingernails in one swift stroke. She then asks, “Am I pretty?” If the victim answers “yes,” she will mutilate their face to like to hers. If they answer no, she will ask if they want a bigger one.

If the victim answers “yes,” she will remove her mask and reveal that her mouth has been slit from ear to ear and again screams the same question. She sometimes ignores her victim or, at other times, approaches silently and restrains them while asking if they find her beautiful.

However, the way she acts varies according to different accounts. The only way to save yourself from Kuchisake Onna is by giving unfamiliar answers i.e., ‘normal or average.’


The figure has long black hair that hides its face altogether. It appears in a white kimono or coat dress with blood-red nails. Is it a woman? Some people think so. Some think it looks like a young girl wearing a surgical mask in a high school uniform, as many students do nowadays because of colds.

The way she attacks also varies according to different reports; sometimes, she slices off her victim’s skin only on the lips. Sometimes the same treatment is applied to other facial areas such as cheeks or eyelids, or even slices off the lips of her victims to make her grisly mask when she becomes a spirit.

How she looks but also acts when carrying out this brutal assault varies with different reports. Is she young? Some people think so, but others maintain that there is something more mature about its appearance.


There are different variations to Kuchisake Onna urban legend. Sources confirm that Kuchisake Onna’s reaction is different based on the answer the other person is giving. This article gives all the details about Kuchisake Onna.

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