How to Withdraw Your Cryptocurrency

There is a growing demand for crypto these days. So, if you have some bitcoins in your wallet, knowing how to cash out your funds for the lowest fees is great. It’s possible to generate profit through buying and selling Bitcoin on crypto exchanges. Crypto sites such as NakitCoins allow users to buy cryptocurrencies with credit cards and also withdraw crypto without any limits.

Key factors to consider when withdrawing your crypto

It helps to look at the following factors before withdrawing your crypto

  •   Fees

Cashing out cryptocurrencies involves paying processing and transaction fees. For, example, you may have to pay exchange fees if you are cashing out your Bitcoin straight to your bank account. Crypto transaction fees charged by exchanges vary from one platform to the other. So, try to look for an exchange that charges low fees.

  •   Taxes

In some countries, you may have to pay taxes on profits you make by trading crypto. Keep an eye on your assets and plan your tax year. Third-party broker exchanges normally record their transactions for tax purposes.

  •   Transaction speed

Nothing can be more frustrating than an exchange that takes several days to process your cash-out transaction. If you are dealing with third-party broker exchanges, it can take a few days to send money to your bank account.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal platforms


Selling your crypto and receiving your funds instantly is cool if you need money urgently. NakitCoins is a fast-rising crypto cashpoint broker in Turkey that makes it easier for crypto investors to load their wallets and withdraw their funds instantly.

Are you going on a vacation or you just ran out of cash? You can withdraw your crypto with NakitCoins and transfer money to your family and friends for the lowest fees using Bitcoin. Using NakitCoins’ non-custodial crypto to crypto instant exchange, consumers can easily deposit and withdraw funds 24/7.


With Coinbase, you can sell your crypto directly into your fiat wallet. The exchange does not limit how many bitcoins you can sell to your wallet. After selling your crypto on Coinbase, you can choose to reinvest it or send the funds to your bank account.

Steps to sell (withdraw) your crypto on Coinbase:

  •   Log in to your account through the web or Coinbase mobile app
  •   Tap on Sell
  •   Select the particular crypto you want to withdraw and input your cash out amount
  •   Click on Preview sell > Sell now to complete your transaction.

When you are withdrawing your fiat payment straight to your bank account on Coinbase, the exchange may impose a hold period on the transaction prior to cashing out. Regardless of the hold period, you should be able to withdraw an unlimited amount of funds at good prices. read about Chris Cuomo’s Net Worth?

Peer-to-Peer Platforms

For faster cash-outs, you could also sign up for P2P crypto platforms such as Paxful, Remitano, and LocalBitcoins. Sell your crypto to your peers and ask them to pay you instantly via your chosen payment method. Peer-to-peer trades are relatively fast and you can get better rates.

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