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Fun Facts about a Sugar Skull Ring

You have probably seen intricate yet admirable sugar skull rings. We are accustomed to the fact that skulls and other afterlife attributes are the prerogatives of informal subcultures but their skulls are rather gloomy and macabre whereas sugar skulls are refined and elegant. But let’s ask ourselves, what do we actually know about a sugar skull? Why does it look like this and where did it come from? If you want to know the answers to these questions, just read this post to the end.

What is a sugar skull?

In Mexico, there is such a holiday as Día de Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), which celebrates the returning of long-gone relatives to earth. Before they meet the spirits of their loved ones, Mexicans bake a lot of sweets and decorate them with colorful frosting. The special feature of this confectionery is that they are shaped like skulls with faces painted with multi-colored glaze. If a spirit is not placated with such a sugar skull, it can become angry and you will expect big trouble

The skull design was chosen for a reason. The patron saint of the holiday is Santa Muerte, the goddess of death. We all used to perceive death as a Grim Reaper and this image, frankly, is also grim. But when it comes to Santa Muerte, we see a beautiful woman whose face is adorned with flower petals, diamonds, and ornate patterns. The only thing that makes her different from people is the skull instead of the head. You can not deny that such an image sparks interest, so ladies, celebrating the Day of the Dead, began to decorate their faces a la sugar skull. Over time, this bright and colorful image migrated to other items, in particular, jewelry, souvenirs, tattoos, etc.

Sugar Skull Rings

Today, it’s not required to take part in the celebration of the Day of the Dead to put on a shirt with a sugar skull print or a matching ring. Moreover, the popularity of sugar skulls went far beyond Mexico and now this bizarre yet intriguing symbol is adored in many countries of the world.

Now sugar skulls are not only sweets and makeup but also a jewelry trend. Designers adhere to the traditional image of the sugar skull that features curls engraved on the cheeks and forehead, flowers around the eyes, and sparkling gems in the eye sockets. Some designers also complement skulls with a flower crown. A sugar skull ring is normally made from silver or a combination of silver and gold to create contrasting accents. To make the image even more remarkable and profound, metals are polished, blackened, engraved, and enameled. As for encrusting, gems with rich colors (red, green, or blue) or cz colored stones embellish skulls’ eyes or head. There are many variations of sugar skull jewelry, you can check out some models at

Celebrate Life with Sugar Skull Jewelry

Summing up, sugar skull is not associated with the tragic and gloomy moments of life or death. This symbol was created to honor the memory of our loved ones and show them our love even after death. Death is a sad event so we should rejoice now and live our lives in such a way to say I’ve seen it all, I’ve done it all. Life and death go hand in hand and we cannot separate them from each other. The concept of the inseparability of life and death is sometimes expressed in an intricate sugar skull design where one half of the face is shown as alive, and the other is the skull.

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