How To Create YouTube Health & Fitness Videos

Many people have turned to YouTube to get in shape and try out new exercises in recent years. Working out with the help of a fitness YouTube channel is becoming a more appealing alternative for people who want to cram in a brief but highly efficient workout, learn about health and fitness, or want to do things by themselves. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford expensive workout classes or personal trainers. This is where YouTube becomes the game-changer in the health and fitness world.

Health and fitness are a popular genre of videos and are a big business opportunity. Making fitness videos is one of the most popular methods of generating money in this industry. If you have a fitness program that you think would be helpful to others trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you can make a video and turn it into a lucrative business.

Basics of Creating YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the best platform for creating, sharing, and viewing video content on the internet. As a result, YouTube has remained the most popular platform for creators to communicate their ideas, perspectives, and creative voices with their global audiences.

Learning how to create a YouTube video is the first step in making a health and fitness video for YouTube. After all, it’ll be not easy to make something for YouTube if you don’t know how to make a video in the first place! You can also use tools, such as an online video maker and a free YouTube video editor. However, the following are the steps to getting started on YouTube:

  • First, you’ll need to create and set up a YouTube channel. Simply go to YouTube, sign in with your Google account, and link it to a channel if you already have one.
  • The next step is to verify your account. You will receive a text verification code after creating your channel. Once you enter that code into your browser or YouTube app, your channel will be validated.
  • Finally, start creating videos and share them on YouTube.

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do is record many fitness videos and then edit them together on YouTube. This makes your YouTube videos appear unprofessional and causes viewers to become confused.

You’ll need to develop an effective plan when creating health and fitness YouTube videos. First, determine what you want your YouTube channel to accomplish, your target audience, why they should watch your videos, and how to present your video content. This stage also includes the creation of a script to have a framework to work upon.

Find a Location to Shoot

Although this may seem obvious, it is worth stating. First, make sure you have all of the equipment you’ll need to record your video and a good location to film it so that all of your actions are captured clearly on camera. You may also need to get creative with your workout space, location, and fitness equipment.

It’s important to do a few demos to ensure the location and space you have chosen are adequate for performing all of the required actions on camera.

Camera Setup

Any camera that can record at least 1080p video at 30 frames per second can be used to make a health and fitness video for YouTube. Fortunately, most smartphones today can capture cinematic videos with 1080P to 4K resolution and even up to 60 frames per second, so you may also use your phone.

A stable video is also necessary for creating a professional-looking video. Viewers tend to skip shaky videos immediately, leading to low engagement. So, make sure you stabilize your camera setup for the best results.

Audio Recording Setup

It’s difficult to get crisp, clear audio while recording health and fitness videos, especially if you are working out. So never rely solely on the camera’s or smartphone’s internal microphone.

Instead, a tried-and-true method is to wear a small lavalier audio recorder on your collar or within your shirt to keep it hidden from sight while still recording high-quality audio for later editing.

Lighting Setup

Making a high-quality workout video requires steady lighting. The exact lighting configuration is determined by the location you’re shooting at.

A key light would light up the subject’s face and body, followed by a fill light across the key light to fill in the shadows. Finally, the third backlight is used to illuminate the subject’s backdrop or contour. If you only have a key and fill light, you can use window light as the backdrop light source.

Add Dialogues/Monologue

Don’t just shoot a video of you working out the whole time. Such videos end up becoming boring and ignored by the audience. Instead, add voice-overs, dialogues, or monologues to your video to make it more engaging. For example, you can talk to the audience and interactively explain things while working out or add a voice-over later. You can edit your health and fitness video on a free YouTube video editor using the audio/sound mixing tool.

Add Music

You can also add music to your videos to make them more interesting and engaging. You can use music or beats that are uplifting and compatible with your video style. Make sure the music you are using is not louder than you or the voice-over. The music in the video should also not be distracting and should suit your actions in the video.

To get low-cost or free music for your video, use a royalty-free music service. Music is included in most health and fitness videos to inspire and encourage viewers. However, it can be expensive to obtain the right to use popular songs in your video. Royalty-free music is an excellent music source for a YouTube video’s soundtrack.

Edit the Video

Editing is one of the most important steps while creating a video. You can either use a paid video editor or an youtube video editor free. Editing a video consists of many operations, such as trimming the video to the right length, colour grading, and more.

You can also use pre-loaded YouTube video templates for health and fitness videos. Add video transitions to make the video smoother and remove distortions, if there are any. Finally, edit the video in your style and try not copy others. This will ensure uniqueness and authenticity.


Fitness professionals can use video to promote their businesses. It can bring in new customers and increase profits in the fitness business. All you will need is to make an effective plan, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment, practise being on camera, and utilise editing as an opportunity to turn low-quality footage into high-quality, branded content.

Even if you’re new to making training videos, these pointers will help you focus your efforts and create engaging and entertaining material for fitness enthusiasts. Remember to record and update regularly, and your audience will expand quickly!

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