Christmas photo calendar

Personalized Christmas calendar with your photos

Christmas photocalendar refer to the pre-Christmas season, like mulled wine and cookies. They are often filled with chocolate, but they can also be filled with small gifts, poems, or photographs! If you want to give your kids, friends, partner or family member a fun way to countdown to Christmas, create their own personalized advent calendar with photos. You can choose between calendars with Ferrero or kinder products, your own photos outside the doors, and even a calendar that you can fill out yourself.

Create your personalized Christmas calendar

The first step is to choose your main photo. If you’re in the mood for a holiday mood, why not pick a photo from a previous Christmas party or winter holiday? When you’ve found the perfect picture, it’s time to create your own advent calendar! Just select the type of photocalendar, choose landscape or portrait format, and then insert the cover.

If you want to get even more creative, add text and clipart of your choice. If you’ve finished designing, check the photocalendar design in the product preview and place an order as soon as you’re happy with the result. The image resolution is checked automatically and the system will inform you if the quality is not sufficient for printing. You can then swap out the image during the design process to ensure you are getting the highest quality product.

Different size and shape of Christmas calendar

It’s not just the personalization and content of the Christmas calendar that makes it special. To make it also fit in the space available to you, most photocalendars are available in a variety of sizes in addition to landscape and portrait formats. Depending on what it was filled with, the calendar can be up to 3.5 cm thick. Height and width of individual models range from 30 x 21 cm to 63 x 46 cm or 36 x 48 cm.

High Quality finishes

If you’re still not sure which photo to choose for your cover, consider which photo you think the recipient will like! It doesn’t have to be winter, but photos that will cheer up the holiday are always a good idea. The top tip is when choosing photos outside the doors, make sure they are 48 x 37 mm and not too detailed due to the size.

Tips for creating a Christmas calendar with photos

Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive Boots Photo Creation Software, you can quickly and easily create your photo calendar:

  • Match 25 digital photos for the door and calendar cover. We’d suggest adding a few to see what works best.
  • Let the pictures outside the door tell the story. Maybe it’s a holiday or friendship for several years?
  • Will you be editing all your photos in black and white or full colour?
  • Experiment with winter and Christmas templates and motifs, clipart, frames and filters

Choose what’s on your Christmas calendar

Preparing for the Christmas season will be a little easier if you have a little surprise every morning! Reduce waiting time for yourself or your loved one and create your own calendar with thoughtful things. It’s easy to create and order photocalendars to fill out yourself. All you need is a cover photo and 24 little gifts that you can insert for yourself after you receive your calendar.

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