Can Mewing Reshape Your Face? How to Do It

Introduction: What Is Mewing?

Mewing is a process in which tongue position is arranged to change or adjust the shape of face. It is the position of the tongue on the upper side of the mouth, which can restyle the face and allow accurate breathing, facial structural, and orthodontic issues.

Mewing was first developed by an orthodontist named as John Mew in the 1970s. Even though the technique has got a lot of interest on social media and there is little suggestion that can really transform your appearance or look.

What Do You Know About Mewing?

Mewing is the exercise of resting your mouth in a specific position. Different people rest with their tongue at the underneath of their mouths and their mouths a little open. On the other hand, promoters of mewing technique claim that regulating the position of your tongue can help to accurate the plenty of issues ranging from curved teeth to sleep asphyxia. 

People are practicing mewing to keep their tongues on the top of their mouths instead of keeping their tongues on the bottom of their mouths. 

People who keep practicing mewing are known to this as appropriate tongue position. And just as normal posture is important for health, they say that tongue posture has important health consequences as well.  Read More About How To Lose Belly Fat?

Emergences of Mewing:

The idea of mewing is first originated with Dr. John Mew, an orthodontist in England. Mew started treating the patients by using mewing and palate expanders instead of more traditional orthodontic techniques like braces. While many orthodontists keep focus on straightening teeth but Mew was more focused on the appearance. He intended to help patients to make a strong jaw line.

Theory of Mewing Process:

A smaller jaw leaves teeth packed, and thus twisted. It also takes part to a less aesthetically pleasing face. Practicing a good tongue posture can fix this problem and leads to jaws that are larger, stronger, and more squared. It is also studied that mewing can struggle to sleep apnea and support a healthier respiratory system.

Is There Any Truth to Mewing?

Despite the recognition of searches for mewing on social media, there is also a little evidence that mewing will definitely change your face. Research explores that human jaws are in fact getting smaller. This has been connected with health issues including curved teeth, mouth breathing, and sleep apnea. Eating the hard foods mainly in childhood can help in the development of the jaws, as likely the chewing gum. Breathing and swallowing exercises can also help to support jaw development in children.

Advantages of Mewing:

The main work of mewing entails the maintenance of a correct tongue position in which process you stick your tongue on to the top of your mouth while taking breath via the nose. There are many benefits of mewing described below:

  • Proper Breathing
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Facial Appearance
  • Improved Eye Area
  • Stronger Facial Structure
  • Palate Expansion
  • Improved Overall Posture
  • Little to No Sleep Apnea
  • Improved Swallowing

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