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Biography Of Rossini Dorian And Why Is He Famous

Dorian Rossini was born on December 13, 1990 in Paris, France, and is now 30 years old. He is a French singer and electronic musician. His mother was a teacher and his father was a jazz singer. He has an only sister, his sister is a fashion designer.

He loved to sing from an early age and performed in many school competitions. In addition, he holds a degree in music and drama studies. He can sing in both English and French. He posted two of his music albums internationally, Stamina and Religion. He is best known for his dance moves and music, which have garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Some Facts About Dorian Rossini:

The following are hidden facts from his fans:
But he does not want such a question to be asked about his personal life.
He clicks pictures in his spare time, he buys a camera for

He has millions of subscribers on YouTube.
He loves to live with the beauty of nature.
He makes short funny clips for a platform called Vimeo.

If he wants to publish a song or an album, he publishes it on three platforms: YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.
In addition, he helps cancer patients with NGOs.

The Secret Of Rossini Dorian’s Popularity:

He always wanted to be in the new spotlight, so he shared his photo (dressed as Adam) on his social media account. He did this to attract public attention. He was not as famous as he wanted to be, so he decided to embark on a controversial path to gaining fame.

Later he said he was God, so the religious people stopped praising him. In 2012 he appeared on the live show on Season 05 casting without wearing anything. The show was organized specifically for the younger generation. Later his part went viral.

Los Angeles Star Academy:

Some clerics were not like him, but Dorian Rossi ignored any of them. So at that time he had 40K followers on Twitter and 60K followers on his official Facebook account. His social media accounts were not as popular as they thought. Therefore, he openly tried something different, which brought him fame.

He felt that public controversy would give him a chance to enter the field of television. He once tried to break into the Los Angeles Star Academy and was thrown by security guards, the incident became known as the “Rossini Dorian Star Academy”, which earned him a place in the news.

The Character Of Rossini Dorian:

He is very kind and gentle to everyone who cares about him. If you are a fan of him and want to take a selfie with him it is not difficult if you are also a citizen of Paris in France. He became homeless a few years ago and knew it was hard to live with. But now he had everything he wanted.

Therefore, he is never ashamed to take selfies with anyone, even taking selfies in public does not seem uncomfortable. The best thing about him is that he takes selfies with his poor fans, he never makes fun of any fan. He even takes a selfie with him if you are not a fan of his. He does not care about those who hate him after declaring him to be God.

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