About APK Mirror and APK Downloading

All over the recent month or 2, you may have noticed an alteration in our “APK Download” posts. Antecedently, we went done a true tedious procedure of 1st searching the APK we craved, and then uploading it to a choice of several reflector works, all with their main surface, ad concerned, and some other oddity. We have switched reflector services various times because of encroaching ads or some other matters our publication faced.

In a struggle to create things easy and simple, and perhaps even amusing, we make APK Mirror. Over the past several months, we have been working to develop a smooth, certain, trust-worthy site to host the download users’ passion and support the entire experience in the AP households. After a brushed-launch, we think it’d be a great thought to give APK Mirror a more than the ceremonial introduction, for those who might not have explored it so far.

About APK Mirror and APK Downloading

Amusing Characteristic

When a fresh APK deed, the fewest essential thing to those looking for a download is that they return it accelerated. We’ve made certain that APK Mirror is fast and snappish, and reacts to any device you’re visiting from. The site was accelerated, to begin with, but at Google’s fresh Calendar app hit, we ran into few earnest traffic that Ate correctly did download speeds, so advance developments were made. Moving forwards, users should be fit to enjoy systematically smooth downloading.

The site besides corset out of your way. It is ad-based, but we do not use pop-ups, pop-unders, or some other awful twist or encroaching ad.

APK Mirror too has Push bullet integrating – if you want to support an eye out (mechanically) for fresh APKs, Push-bullet can do each dense assist for you.

Secure First

Naturally, we’re cognizant of the hazard of running a site that supplies downloads of user-uploaded content, especially when that content will be installed on your device. To support things securely, AP employs checks every APK that’s uploaded to make sure it’s the existent contract. To guarantee there’s not been some meddling, we even have an autoloading sign check that will assure the app’s sign matches with the real. Also, the MD5 and SHA1 beliefs are bestowed to the user implicitly (along with utile sympathy info), conscionable in case a download goes false.

For the Nerds

For those curious about the information, there is a pair worthy reference. In the beginning, APKM assisted IPv6.

And retrieve earliest when I say we made development to how the site handles traffic? Earlier the traffic spike I mentioned, APKM did not use a CDN to convey content to users. Since the spike nevertheless, we’ve activated Cloud Flare for the site, which describes itself as “a rearward proxy” for its customer’ sites, erected between the real host and the user to act as a strong CDN of its main. This means users should not experience as many downloads drag during heavy traffic.

We Aren’t Done

Fewest significantly, we are not through with APKM yet. Right now we’ve got the viable service out, and we will go on to repeat both on the designing (I’ve got many activities to do!) and the practicality for the predictable future. We’ve consciously added some other new characteristics today – the quality to see a complete listing of past uploads in rearward chronological order.

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