8 Things Your Guest Don’t Care About

If you are currently planning your wedding, chances are you are stressing about the tiniest details. It happens to every couple, you start seeing the bigger picture and trying not to overspend, but at some moment, you find yourself choosing the colour of your place cards following the tone of your centrepiece vase.

But we have some breaking news for you, your guest will not notice, neither appreciate all the time, money, and effort you put into those details. Yes, it doesn’t sound very good but that is the truth. And since we are here to make your life easier, here are the eight things you should not be worried about because your guests do not care about them.

Handwritten Calligraphy

A trend that has been strong over the last years. It does look beautiful, it is unique, and you probably support a small business or freelancer calligrapher. But it is also expensive. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, you should consider digital invitations.

Sending thoughtfully picked invitations is an ancient tradition, and it includes not only the invitation but a calligraphed envelope, RSVP cards, and envelopes. All of those elements are likely to end up in the trash sooner than later.

If you want to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding, prefer bigger pieces that can act as decoration, and perhaps you can keep. For example, the cover of your signs book or a sign with your names that you can later place at home.

Wedding Dress Cost

Every bride’s dream is to find a unique wedding dress to feel like the princess of their fairytale. In recent years wedding, dress hunting has become a whole spectacle where you take your friends and family to model many options. The thought of impressing everyone with a luxurious designer name or a high price tag could not be farther from reality.

All eyes will indeed be on you as you arrive and walk down the aisle, but no one will notice how expensive your dress is. What makes a bride look amazing is how she feels. If you find a dress that fits right and makes you look and feel like a bride, it does not matter where you found it or how much it costs.

Wedding Favors

Yes, it is a custom; you must give your guests something to show your appreciation for their attendance and perhaps their gift. But wedding favours tend to be a bit unnecessary, guests often forget them after having so much fun, or they end up as waste since we all have enough cheesy bottle openers at home already. It is not a must, and you can feel free to leave them out of the budget.

The Cake

Have you seen the extravagance of cakes lately? They have intricate decoration, many layers of flavor, and many tiers to impress the guests. Well, let us tell you that your guests will not be impressed. They might not even notice the design or remember the flavor. Most of them will not even taste your cake because they are too busy dancing and enjoying it. If you want to have a pretty picture or special flavor for your wedding cake, you can have a mini version of the picture and take it home to enjoy the next day.


Setting the mood for your wedding reception is important, and uplighting can create different atmospheres depending on the tone and color you choose. But spending a big chunk of your budget on uplighting is not the smartest move.

Now you can find many options to rent uplighting and enhance your reception. It is easy to install; you do not need to have experience since there are many DIY tutorial videos. Your guests will not even notice who installed them.

Place Cards

While they are a great solution for couples who love to take control and want to avoid uncomfortable situations, your guests will not even remember that kind gesture, so spending on handwritten place cards is not necessary.

Suppose you want to set place cards as a logistics solution, then do not put too much energy or budget into them. A simple digital print will do the work. And always remember that your guests will sit where they feel comfortable. By the end of the night, they will all be here and there.

Wedding Backdrop

Wedding backdrops are a current trend, they help you bring focus to the honor table, and you can personalize it to fit the rest of your venue décor. But as lovely as they look, guests will not spend much time looking at an intricate drapery or a flower wall filled with blooms and foliage. The best option to have a backdrop while saving time and money is to rent a DIY pipe and drape backdrop for a wedding.

Draping vendors usually charge high prices for a job you can easily do. Pipe and drape backdrops are also ideal for covering any undesired area or creating a photo background for your guests. You can add some lighting, and it will be ready for group photos.


Centrepieces are a beautiful decoration element; they can help you create a theme and embellish your ceremony and reception spaces. Your guests might notice how beautiful the combination of blooms you picked, but only while they settle in and eat dinner. Once the party starts, your centrepiece might end up on the floor because it was not letting the conversation flow.

We recommend choosing a color palette and style, like bohemian, tall and elegant, or low with greenery. But do not spend much time or budget choosing rare flowers or a specific tone. Your guests will not notice how many hours you spend looking thru pictures to chose one design. Trust your florist, and the result will be amazing. near link about home

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