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5 Lighting Tips for the Perfect Home Ambience

You may or may not know that lighting can radically transform your home, both inside and out and with the emergence of LED, lighting is entering a new dimension of illumination. Low input-high output lighting is cheap to run and with dimmer switches, you can have fine control over your lighting.

We asked a team of lighting specialists for a few secrets about home illumination and here they are.

  1. Use recess lighting– When you fit some recess ceiling lights, this brings a subtle illumination to the room; a wide range of colors is available, so you can create a soft and inviting ambience. Downlighters throw the light in a single direction and the units can be angled for unique results; check out Google Images for inspiration.
  2. Dimmers offer fine control– The verdict of the experts is conclusive; dimmer switches are cool and no matter the level of light you need, you have fine control with these handy devices. If you are unsure about installing dimmer switches, ask your local electrician to handle the job. Full power equals regular lighting, while a low setting also saves energy, as well as diminishing the light.
  3. Banker’s lamp– This light fitting was invented over a century ago and the reason it is called the banker’s lamp is that this lamp ended up being popular within banking institutions, hence the name. The reason for this was the green shades that came with the bankers lamps, which happened to relieve the eye strain that the banking staff suffered. These lamps are now very popular here in New Zealand and the online supplier is a family business that has been running for almost 100 years.
  4. Floor level lighting – If you want a chic, soft level of lighting that is easy on the eye, look no further than a few floor level LED light fittings. They are great for the exterior too, while floor-level lighting is really all you need for general lighting. If you would like to view a wide range of top-quality floor-level lighting units, start with a Google search and you are bound to find the perfect light fittings. Click here for tips for first time home buyers.
  5. Don’t overdo lighting– It is easy to keep adding lights to your décor, yet more is not always good. Too much light can make a space look busy and overactive, besides, you would be using more energy than you need. In many environments, ceiling lights are not necessary and with a few well-placed spots, you have all the task lighting you need. If you ask an interior designer, they would say minimal lighting is preferred over too much.

If you are planning some home improvements, lighting is a critical aspect of creating the right ambience and we hope that the above tips will help you to balance both your interior and exterior for the best ambience.

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